About us

Carrefour européen asbl is a leisure club of the European Commission offering trips to new destinations with the basic aim of helping new staff of European and international institutions and their families based in Brussels to settle into their adopted environment. Its activities are for members only.

Today it offers its members a wide range of activities, focused not only on the natural and cultural heritage of the host country but also on the rich canvas of other European regions and, occasionally, on regions further afield.

With Carrefour européen you can take part in such varied activities as guided visits to exhibitions and museums, bicycle rides and walks, cultural and sightseeing trips, proactive workshops, tasting sessions of produce from different European regions, shows and lectures on unusual topics.

The activities of Carrefour européen are coordinated by a Committee of seven volunteers. However, it is also possible for members who are not on the Committee to propose an activity. Those wishing to do so may submit their proposal to the Committee and, if adopted, coordinate the activity itself.

Does it tempt you? All you need to do is to fill in our On-line Application Form.

We are located in Rixensart, Avenue Jean XXIII, 3.